Panlong Yuzhu Roll Cake

[Bai Cui fifth food competition works] This is the original work to participate in the fifth session of the cypress baking contest, please do not reprint. Because the Beijing conference theme is “antique”, taking into account the special shape cake roll, combined with Chinese elements, thought pattern of Panlong column. Use of painting techniques, so that the pattern of three-dimensional pattern. Dragon pattern is the primary colors of the egg yolk paste, the subject is not add egg yolk, white cake, jelly, supplemented with Sprite and a drop of blue food coloring do foil atmosphere, hope you like ~o (~? ~) d

Strawberry Daifuku

Studies done “Pumpkin Daifuku” feeling great taste; but has also in love with “Strawberry Daifuku” That’s an attractive image, but because there is no strawberries, strawberry cream can not just spring practice ~~~ large number of listed, there is a big one, there are also small pieces, because I fear mistakes, did not dare to buy a big back pack, it first bought a few small pieces, so the cut, slightly affect the appearance, but the taste is good there at night after eating several wrapped months, also left a few do breakfast the next morning, after a night store, perhaps because of better moisture and strawberry dough integration, and feel than the current package of “strawberry Daifuku” better eat it ~ ~ ~


Fondant Bear cupcakes

December is a gift season, a lot of my friends are preparing New Year’s gift, the friends you want to close or afar to bring blessing. I also started to prepare some handmade biscuits, candy for a friend, regardless of the market price, reflecting a sincere heart. Said to be a friend, but my “sugar-coated bullets” toward a friend’s house without exception, are children, the most heavy is that Meng Meng Cubs fondant cupcakes. Although it is a waste of effort, but think about the children open gift box like screaming, I felt very happy  


Colorful Egg Rolls

Was added to the eggs, fresh vegetables, then rolled up to eat. Color not only beautiful, tender texture, taste richer. If you are tired of eating white soft-boiled eggs every morning, the traditional eggs, not anti-try this approach.   Tips: 1, can be added to the egg mixture and vegetables with their own preferences. We propose to add some color pretty easily cooked vegetables; 2, cut the vegetables more broken the better; 3, egg roll, they can in one hand and holding a wooden spatula, chopsticks in one hand and gently scrolling prevent hot.