Colorful Egg Rolls

Serves 1 Serves 1 peple
Electric baking pan
Prep time
Cook Time

Was added to the eggs, fresh vegetables, then rolled up to eat. Color not only beautiful, tender texture, taste richer. If you are tired of eating white soft-boiled eggs every morning, the traditional eggs, not anti-try this approach.


1, can be added to the egg mixture and vegetables with their own preferences. We propose to add some color pretty easily cooked vegetables;

2, cut the vegetables more broken the better;

3, egg roll, they can in one hand and holding a wooden spatula, chopsticks in one hand and gently scrolling prevent hot.


  • 5 Pieces
  • 30 Grams
  • 30 Grams
    Red chili
  • 3 Grams


  1. Prepare ingredients.

  2. Red pepper, cucumber, cut into very fine alternate respectively.

  3. The eggs in a large bowl, then beaten with a whisk in one direction.

  4. Red pepper, cucumber, salt were placed in the egg mixture, stir until all.

  5. The electric baking pan lit off, and then warm up.

  6. After preheating the end, choose fried eggs function. Then half of the egg mixture into the baking pan with a wooden spatula to gently slide it evenly all electrical shop in the baking pan.

  7. Fry until half cooked egg, slightly condensed surface when rolled gently with a wooden spatula inside out by, as shown in Figure

  8. The egg rolls gently rolled onto the baking pan aside and out of place in an empty egg mixture into the remaining, as shown in Figure

  9. When the rest of the egg to be undercooked, it continues to roll egg rolls from the inside out. Then the interface section down, continue heating thirty seconds to remove the cut consumption.

1, rich in carbohydrates, carbohydrates are an important material constituting the body; storage and provide heat; to maintain brain function must be energy; regulate fat metabolism; provide dietary fiber; saving protein; enhanced bowel function.
2. The crowd: Most people are suitable. Are children and adolescents, pregnant women, mothers, ideal food patients.


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