Mellow taste — impregnable sea cucumber

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When fresh thick soup filled with filling in the mouth and then into the mouth of sea cucumber, you enjoy a slight resistance between parameters of meat and teeth, fresh and soft and elastic. Enough, with a small bowl of fragrant white rice wrapped in wide sea cucumber soup, beautiful.


1. If the family has chicken soup or broth, you can directly put together the pumpkin boiled, cooked to seven or eight mature into the machine all stirred into mud;
2. will break into the pot and continue to cook a good soup, Add all ingredients and cook on two or three minutes, then add salt and other seasoning.


  • 1-2 Piece
    sea cucumber
  • 100 Grams
  • 5 Pieces
    quail eggs
  • 1 Piece
    Chicken Legs
  • 5 Slices
  • Appropriate amount
    mellow broth,Ginger, pepper, salt,


  1. Pot, put the right amount of water, add chicken, pumpkin and ginger, the fire to boil;

  2. Turn a small fire and continue to cook for twenty minutes;

  3. Remove chicken and ginger;

  4. Then pumpkin and boneless thigh meat and soup together into the broken machine;

  5. Together they are whipped into mud;

  6. The lay of pumpkin soup into the pot and cook together;

  7. Join emptive good sea cucumber and boiled quail eggs;

  8. Then add salt and pepper and other seasonings;

  9. Cook for two, add vegetables can be blanched after three minutes;

  10. Sheng into the bowl.

1. Sea cucumber contains protein, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, selenium, manganese and other active substances,
2. The sea cucumber Holothurin other active ingredients and by the hexosamine, uronic acid and has fucose composed of sea cucumber acid mucopolysaccharide, and the other containing 18 kinds of amino acids and contain no cholesterol. Because sea cucumber and warm, with a kidney Yijing, nourishing Yin Jianyang, blood and moistening, menstruation remove labor, child support and other benefits produced double up the effectiveness of yin and yang. Can improve the ability of male endocrine, improve women's metabolism, promote hormone secretion, improve sexual function.
3. From the Chinese perspective, the kidney is the body of the country, as long as kidney problems, you not only reduce the quality of life issues, and other organs accordingly exhausted. The Palace of sea cucumber product of human kidney and reinforce the role of the principal, that is, the saying goes, Pei-Yuan coupon. As long as human kidney strong, each corresponding organ meridians are robust, eventually the body will be more healthy, greatly enhanced the ability to resist disease.
4. From the Western perspective, the sea cucumber can have many functions is because the repair and strengthen the immune system. The various components of sea cucumber were found, mainly because the active substance contained in sea cucumber acidic polysaccharides, peptides, can greatly improve the human immune system, the body as long as the immune system is strong, can resist the invasion of various diseases. Containing a large amount of selenium can effectively prevent cancer, chondroitin sulfate can delay aging, arginine, zinc and other energy yin yang.


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