Sausage Bread rolls

Serves 2 2
Bread maker, electric oven
Prep time
Cook Time
1h 0m

A few days before finishing refrigerator was found before buying sausage back, but have been frozen in the side to forget, afraid of turning back time long to forget, so quickly to make bread consumed ~ ~ materials: high gluten flour 250g, egg 55g, fine sugar 50g, 3G salt, yeast 3G, 112G of bovine milk, butter 25g, sausage 5 root


  • 250 Grams
    High gluten flour
  • 55 Grams
  • 50 Grams
  • 50 Grams
  • yeast
  • 3 Grams
  • 112 Grams
  • 25 Grams
  • 5 Pieces


  1. All the main materials in the butter dough into the bread barrel, and the barrel into the bread machine fixed, start the "dough" program, contains the dough fermentation + two stage, the default length of 1:40

  2. program 15 minutes after the start, add softened butter at room temperature

  3. kneading is completed, the program automatically enter the fermentation stage

  4. to the end of the program, after fermentation

  5. remove the fermented dough and knead exhaust

  6. Divided into 5 parts

  7. respectively after 15 minutes of relaxation and rounding

  8. take a good relaxation dough into an oval

  9. A long thin bottom pressure to turn the plane

  10. put a sausage over the top.

  11. roll up from top to bottom and pinch tight seal

  12. with a clean scissors plastic dough is cut into uniform pieces, pay attention to the bottom of the dough don't cut

  13. then the dough disk, two phase play a single node and a head into the dough at the center

  14. in turn also handle other dough, put into a pan to warm and humid at the final fermentation

  15. to be fermented to about 1.5 times the size.

  16. put the tray into the middle of preheated oven, 180 degrees for about 18 minutes

  17. released immediately after the surface of the brush a layer of melted butter (formula component)

  18. Let cool to be sealed

Nutrition: Tips:
1. About the shape, I here is not easy to understand, in fact very simple operation is set up two ride, ride in the above Natou from beneath the turn to central can;
2. Oven temperature and time is set to make adjustment according to the actual situation of their own.


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